Meet the Host – ANN TSUNG, MD, MPH

My mission is to help people create time, vitality, and deep connections so they will reach peak performance and fulfillment in life. 

Why Did I Create This Podcast?

Have you felt like something was missing despite achieving all the goals you have set for yourself? 

You’re supposed to be happy because you are successful as defined by society, have a good job, live comfortably, make a certain amount of money, though you are not as happy as you thought you were going to be when you achieved that major goal.

I felt the same way after completing my Emergency Medicine residency, which was why I embarked on the journey to find out what was missing, and why I wasn’t as happy as I thought I should be. In 2017 I placed everything in storage and traveled the globe for 8 months with my fiance as our first retirement and self-discovery journey.

I spent thousands and countless hours on self-work over the span of multiple years, which included brain training, leadership, peak performance, emotional intelligence, and coaching. I went to many conferences, seminars, and read over 120 books. I understood my values, built deep connections with loved ones and strangers, boosted my productivity at work, and mended the relationship with my mother. Now I am in a state where I feel happy, fulfilled, and know that everything I have is enough. I have the drive to achieve more not because of inner lack, but because of my passion.

My interests include mind-body medicine, functional nutrition, longevity, cognition, and human optimization. I hope to help people achieve wealth in all aspects of life: emotional, mental, financial, physical, relationship, career, time, and spiritual wealth. 

The patients I see often have other stressors that impact health like strained relationships, no social support, lack of time, or emotional trauma. I have viewed diseases from the individual to the population level, and am passionate about helping patients from a holistic standpoint by starting with the basics. These include mindset re-framing, goal setting, sleep optimization, stress-coping mechanisms, micro-habit change, anti-inflammatory nutrition, productivity tqchniques, and much more.

In this podcast, I will share all the tips, habits, and mindset change techniques I have learned throughout the years with you. I wish for you also to feel the freedom I have felt, push past mental barriers, and have more time, inner peace, and fulfillment in life.  




National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/UTMB  – Operational Flight Surgeon

McMurdo and South Pole Station, Antarctica  – temporary staff physician

Emergency Medicine Physician

Medical and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Physician


University of Texas Medical Branch – Aerospace Medicine Fellowship. William Douglas Scholarship Recipient 

University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston – Master in Public Health (MPH)

University of Washington – St. Louis – Barnes Jewish Hospital – Anesthesia Critical Care Medicine Fellowship        

University of Florida – Gainesville – Shands Hospital – Emergency Medicine Residency 

Chief Resident, Research Resident of the Year, Intern of the Year

University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSCSA) – M.D.

Dr. Daniel & Helena Saenz Scholarship Recipient 


Virgin Galactic Research 

SpaceX Medical Projects

Jungle Medicine Survival

Catalina Emergency Diving Accident Management

FAA Aeromedical Examiner Mini-Basic

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. 

High Altitude Treks – Kilimanjaro summit, Everest Base Camp and 3 Passes, Machu Picchu, Mt Rainier

Weightlifter in Olympic Lifts

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