What is this Podcast All About?

If you’re struggling with your vitality, energy, mood, focus, or sleep, then this show is for you. You’ll discover the keys to remove the barriers or blockades that have been holding you back. 


  • If you can’t bounce out of bed without caffeine
  • If low energy is dragging you down
  • If self-care doesn’t exist and you’re depressed
  • If you’re too wiped out to exercise


  • If you feel alone and disconnected
  • If you feel stressed with your friends and family
  • If you’re too exhausted to play with your kids or spend quality time with loved ones


  • If you’re stressed out with all the obligations
  • If you lack motivation
  • If you are overwhelmed with to-do lists

In this podcast Ann Tsung MD, MPH will share all the tips, habits, and mindset change techniques she has learned throughout the years with you. 

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Meet the Host – ANN TSUNG md, MPH 

Ann Tsung, MD, MPH had achieved her goal of becoming a residency-trained physician, yet felt like something was still missing. She met all societal definitions of success and yet was not as happy as she should be. She then embarked on a learning and self-discovery journey around the world with her fiance. She devoted multiple years to self-work including brain training, leadership, peak performance, emotional intelligence, and coaching. Her mission is to help people create time, vitality, and deep connections so they can reach peak performance and fulfillment in life. Her passions include peak human performance, mind-body medicine, emotional resilience, functional nutrition, longevity, productivity, and cognition. She firmly believes that everything we need is within us now, and wishes to share everything she has learned so you may blast off in life.


“Coach Ann is such an accomplished person both professionally, socially, and truly an inspiration for those seeking to strike a balance between meaningful hard work and relationship-building. She presents interesting ideas in a very non-judgmental manner and consciously makes the effort to listen to you fully  while also challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone. “

“Dr. Tsung helped me reframe my mindset. I instead thought of ways to still do the thing that I love but in an environment that was more protective of my mental health. I’m very thankful for that metaphorical kick in the butt.” – Ayodeji Ayejorun MD


“I have a history of postpartum anxiety and fear of doing new things. 

After (the breath work)I felt much “lighter” mentally. I can’t really explain the feeling since there was no weight lifted physically. I felt lighter and clearer in my mind. Before my mind felt cluttered, busy and clouded. Maybe because my mind goes 100mph thinking about everything. I am always thinking about the future and never really enjoying the now. I felt at complete peace like I was completely blank inside. I was just enjoying being.”

“Having had zero experience with meditation, I was pretty skeptical. However, I came away with new quick and easy strategies to begin practicing the self-care and self-love we discussed in my everyday life moving forward. Thank you Coach Ann for sharing the importance of taking the time out to express gratitude for the things and people in our lives that we contact daily and helping me to experience the power of having a peaceful, quiet mind that is free from to-do lists and noise.”

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