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Do you find yourself struggling with:

  • Missing out on your children’s moments because you’re doing laundry and washing bottles?
  • Deciding what to eat with the family?
  • Drowning in paperwork, expenses, and receipts of the business?
  • Juggling household chores and grocery shopping?
  • Skipping date nights due to lack of free time?
  • Feeling weighed down by life’s demands?
  • Finding time for weekly gratitude and check-ins with your spouse?
  • Losing sleep and can’t catch up?
  • Spending too much time on meal prepping?
  • Managing virtual assistants?

If any of these sounds familiar, I’m here to help. As your Productivity Doctor, I specialize in helping physician entrepreneurs free up more time to focus on their zone of genius and spend quality time with loved ones.

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I’ve spent years developing my productivity philosophy, which combines human optimization, flow states, dopamine desensitization, memory techniques, speed-reading, mind-body connection, functional nutrition, and practical skills, habits, and tools. My goal is to empower people to take control of their lives, achieve success and fulfillment, and make time for what truly matters.

If you’re curious about how I’ve been able to work as a full-time NASA flight surgeon, part-time ICU/ER doctor, trek Everest base camp, climb Kilimanjaro, travel the world for 8 months, launch a successful business, and still find time for family and friends, book a coaching call today!

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Together, we can reclaim your time and reach your goals!


Vikram Raya, MD, FACC

CEO/Founder of Viking Capital, Vitology Institute, and Limitless MD

“Ann is one of the most remarkable people I know. She is a high-performance physician. She is a flight surgeon. She helps astronauts in space stay healthy. She is a super mom and on top of that, she’s traveled the world extensively climbing Kilimanjaro Everest Base Camp! And she’s done all of that because she has learned to master 2 things – time and productivity.”

scott rammage

Founder of Media Machine, Podcast Media Machine, and Brotherhood of Fatherhood

“I cannot speak highly enough of her skills and her ability to guide individuals through the world of increasing productivity and working within your own genius. Ann is so articulate and accurate in her coaching that makes it easy to implement strategies for your own improved productivity.”

Winnie Napeñas

COO, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of 5DH Capital

“Dr. Ann Tsung has helped me to conserve and make use of the most precious commodity that I have which is time. Dr. Tsung has helped many others like myself make better decisions in life thereby improvement of the quality of our time; and thus, more time with our family which is so important to me.”

Joel Napeñas, DDS

CEO, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of 5DH Capital

“First, after helping me define our goals overall ranging from health, nutrition, business, and also in our relationships, she kind of sat down with me and really helped me define what we needed to focus on in the next quarter.”

Kristina Kypuros, MD

Pediatrician and Pediatric Critical Care Intensivist
Innovator, Investor, and Visionary
Kristina Kypuros testimonial It's Not Rocket Science Show

“Dr. Ann Tsung is an incredible leader in productivity, badass aerospace physician, and a phenomenal team player.

She quickly helped me identify blind spots in my morning routine and coached me with techniques to improve efficiency and productivity . I admire her daily practices in nutrition and exercise. She is always available to add value to our lives. Working with her has helped me walk towards high performance daily routines ! We share common groups and her participation provides such comfort to who she is as a solid partner!”

“Coach Ann is such an accomplished person both professionally, socially, and truly an inspiration for those seeking to strike a balance between meaningful hard work and relationship-building. She presents interesting ideas in a very non-judgmental manner and consciously makes the effort to listen to you fully  while also challenging you to step outside of your comfort zone. “

“Dr. Tsung helped me reframe my mindset. I instead thought of ways to still do the thing that I love but in an environment that was more protective of my mental health. I’m very thankful for that metaphorical kick in the butt.” – Ayodeji Ayejorun MD


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